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Metal Fasteners

Our range of metal fasteners caters to the changing needs of every season. Whether it is a stud button
or a small hook, care is taken to ensure only the best quality is delivered to our customers. We provide:

     ■   Studs, rivets –Add fashion value to your Jeans with our wide range of studs and rivets;
          available in over 70 colours and finishes.

     ■   Snap Fasteners – Whatever your need is - Pronged, S-Spring or Ring type;

     ■   Buckles – We supply metal Buckles, D-Rings and Dog hooks in various finishes
          for accessories and garments.

     ■   Hooks and Bars – We manufacture Non-Crush, Non- ferrous Hooks and Bars
          for trouser waistband fastening. Standard finishes are Nickel and Gun Metal;
          custom finishing is provided as per client’s requirements.

     ■   Hooks and eyes – From cup hooks to screw eyes, we supply a range of hooks and eyes
          for various types of garments.