Buttons, Zippers, Trimmings and Accessories for the Garment Industry

 ryyty (pronounced “reethi”), a unique fashion oriented company, is a leading supplier of garment accessories to well-known retail chains &  international brands bringing in the latest trends in design, style and materials to its customers. Founded in India in 1997, ryyty is the  rebranded Butonia (India) P Ltd. A young and vibrant company, it competes in International markets at the highest level; working closely
 with fashion consultants and designers to ensure delivery of fresh and innovative collections every season.

 The company is managed by a team of Executive Directors seasoned in the know-how of the garment industry and trained by a corporate  group that has been active in this industry for over 150 years. ryyty’s network of operation extends across Asia with offices in Bangalore -  India, Hong Kong and mainland China.


 Delivering the latest trends in quality buttons, zippers and all trims to the Asian garment industry.

 Our Team

 Ilan Shavit – Group Chairman

 Ilan is a senior partner in a large Tel Aviv law firm, and the chairman and director at many local and international companies. Ilan's  great- grandfather was the founder of Butonia in Frankfurt in 1865; his grandfather founded Butonia UK in 1928 and his father was the  Managing Director of Butonia UK and subsequently the Butonia Group Chairman for over 60 years. He served as a Director of the Butonia  Group from 1989 until 2002 when the founding families sold out. Ilan subsequently led the management buy-out of the Butonia Group's Far  East and Indian businesses.

 Contact ilan@ryyty.com

 Ravishankar Seshan – Managing Director

 A management graduate from one of the premier business schools in India, Ravi has worked in the garment industry for the last three  decades, in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. When Butonia India was founded in 1997, Ravi was employed as the Country Manager. After  Ruby Enterprises was established in October 2002, Butonia India was acquired from the Butonia Group and Ravi and his team became part
 of Ruby Enterprises, subsequently ryyty.

 Contact ravi@ryyty.com

 Our Story

 Till 2002 ryyty was part of a 150 year old European group, Butonia - a well known name in the European clothing industry,  founded by our Chairman’s great-grandfather as Z.A.Frankel in Frankfurt, Germany in 1865. The company was rebranded as Butonia and  grew as a premier clothing company supplying to some of the biggest European brands like M&S, Bagir, Dannimac and NEXT.

 An Indian division was established in 1997 as Butonia (India) Pvt. Ltd. As a result of a management buyout, led by the Group Chairman,
 ex-Butonia managers from Hong Kong and the Managing Director, Butonia India was renamed RubyEnt Apparel Resources.

 Our company has for some time now taken an independent path, orientated on international expansion and product diversification. We
 thus, found it appropriate to rebrand our company, using a name that strengthens our identity as a fashion oriented company, emphasizes  our Indian identity and at the same time pays respect to our long corporate history - giving birth to ryyty.

 ryyty was selected as a brand name to bring together the old and the new. In Sanskrit it means “fashion”, in line with our young and vibrant  culture. In Finnish it means “spices”, a word evocative of saffron (zafran), the traditional colour of India, which reminds us of the original  company of our group, Z.A.Frankel("Zafran").

 Why Us?


 Over the last three decades, ryyty has earned an excellent reputation in the garment industry, across various markets, for our dedicated  service, high quality products and for our values.

 Our Customers

 Our customers include well known international brands, retail chains, in the U.S, Europe in addition to the leading brands in India. We supply  products to garment factories in Asia, Middle East, Far East and Mexico.